Step 1a: Get to the pool!

Get on down to your local pool* with your waterproof mobile device or GoPro-esque action cam and have a friend or lifeguard film you from the following 4 angles where possible. All you need is 10 seconds of stable footage from each angle, so don't go overkill here! NOTE: we can perform a video analysis without underwater footage (at the very least, please ensure we have a head-on shot from above the water to replace "BELOW: FRONT"), but it's far better if you can go that extra step and get us some shots below the water too to enhance the feedback we can give you!

*if your pool is already closed but you still have some video footage of yourself (good or bad) you'll be amazed by what insight we can gain and advise on from seeing the footage and knowing a little bit more about you from the Questionnaire you'll complete.

Above: Side

This is a very easy angle to film as it's the image most of us see when we follow someone up and down the pool. Aim to hold the camera steady and get ~10s of stable footage from this angle

Above: Birdseye

This shot is best taken with the camera on some sort of pole, or if possible from a balcony or higher vantage point - it's usually very revealing about your stroke so well worth getting!

Below: front

To get this shot well, the camera should be attached to a pole and you want to track the swimmer coming towards you whilst staying about 2m (6ft) ahead at all times

below: side

This is a very revealing shot too - specifically for home much vertical drag you are (or are not) creating in the water...if you know you're a lot faster with the pull buoy, definitely make sure you get a good 10s from this angle